Dubai Desert Fun

Dubai desert fun

Dubai Desert Safari admin April 9, 2023

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari. Are you waiting for some twists, adventures, and thrills in your life? So, wait is over. Dubai desert safari gives you a chance to get all these experiences in one place. Dubai is a city known for luxury shopping, a lively nightlife scene, and an unlimited desert.  Exploration of Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the thrill, adventure, and unforgettable drive on the sand.

Morning desert safari, the most popular of all, to gives you a mind blowing opportunity to experience and witness the magical sun rise over the Arabian Desert. If you want a trip free from the daily routine bore life, then you must not miss the Morning Desert Safari. Dubai Desert Fun also offers the Evening Desert Safari. It is a more comprehensive package with dinner included. People who have enough time to enjoy themselves can choose an evening desert safari, because you can experience Dubai Desert Safari in its entirety this time.

What can you do on Dubai Desert Safari?

We offer too many activities and sports for your fun. These activities make Dubai desert Safari is more attractive than other Desert Safari. Here are some of the top 10 things that you can do in the Dubai Desert.

Go on jeep safari

Travel into the desert on a 4×4 so you can explore the desert comfortably with the driver. The jeep safari is a Wonderful Experience of Dubai desert safari. It takes a special skill and a special type of car. It is also known as “Dune bashing”. It is approximately a 35-45 minutes ride.

Quad biking

You’ll be in full control of your Quad bike. Due to its ease of use, this vehicle can be handled by anyone above 16 years of age. Under 16 can enjoy this ride with their guardian or a driver.


Are you ready to test your skills? Come and try sandboarding. Sandboarding in Dubai does not require any expertise. In this activity, you’ll learn about the desert sands while being on a sand board, which is similar to a snowboard or a skateboard.

Stay overnight in the desert

Spend the night at the desert to have a unique experience. You can sleep under the open sky with twinkling stars in Dubai Desert and relax down after all the activities you did throughout the day. You can do Different Styles of Camping in Dubai Desert.

Ride in Hot air balloon

You can experience Dubai in whole new perspective by riding in a hot air balloon. During the ride, you’ll feel like you are floating in the sky or riding on Aladdin carpet. View from hot air balloon is one of the breathtaking view in Desert .

Go on Camel ride

Did you know that camels were the only means of transport during the ancient Bedouin era? Needless to say, this is more than an adventure activity, as a ride on your friendly camel’s back allows you to go back in time.

Go on horse ride

You can also enjoy horse riding across the desert. You just feel like you are in ancient time and ride a horse as a king. You can enjoy the horse ride approximately 90 minute.

Taste local cuisine and enjoy a show

While spending the morning and evening at the desert safari can be tiring from all activities, you can wind down and enjoy some delicious traditional food and an entertaining show. By this you can easily understand the Arabian culture. You can enjoy the belly dance and fire show. All the performers are experts in their work. Belly dance performances force you to shake your body with them.

Shisha smoking

Shisha smoking is one the famous activity and traditions of Arabian. And you’ll get to experience this on your desert safari, with most desert camps comes with Shisha (regular or flavored) smoking facilities.

Sunset or sunrise view

One of the greatest pleasures of taking a desert safari is that it gives you the unique opportunity to see the Dubai’s stunning desert transition from darkness to dawn and vice versa. If you don’t want to miss both sunrise and sunset views, then you must choose an overnight safari. Both views will make you fall in love with Dubai Desert Safari.

 So get up and take this opportunity. Dubai Desert Safari offer more than you think, gives you more fun than you ever had. Don’t waste your time in thinking, just click and book your tour.

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